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The opening ceremony of the Key Laboratory for publishing integration development (CCNU) was held

release time:2017-06-07


On June 5th, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television announced the opening ceremony of the Key Laboratory for publishing integration development (Central China Normal University), which was held in the conference room on the third floor of science hall in our school. Wang Zhigang ,vice president of the People's Education Press and Yang Zongkai ,the president of our school jointly inaugurated the laboratory, which symbolized that our school and the People's Education Press will make further cooperation in the field of “learning resources of digital publishing” that based on consolidating and expanding previous cooperation.  


The relevant leadership from Hubei Provincial Department of Education, the Education Bureau of Wuhan , the Yangtze River Publishing Media Group, Huang Yonglin ,our vice president and other relevant functional departments’ leading officials of the Publicity Department, the Graduate School, the Press, the National Engineering Research Center of E-learning attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Huang Yonglin.

Yang Zongkai fully affirmed the significance of the establishment of the Key Laboratory for publishing and integration development (Central China Normal University). He said that education was closely related to the publishing industry, and several upgrading changes in education have been related to the upgrading of the publishing industry. Therefore, the development of education in the information age requires a “peer” publishing industry. He believed that the establishment of the laboratory can realize "strong combination" and "collaborative innovation" between the research strength of education information in Central China Normal University and the advantages of the People's Traditional Education Press. The two sides will greatly promote the extensive application and promotion of intelligent electronic teaching materials through in-depth cooperation in the fields of production, learning, research, application and personnel training.  


In his speech, Wang Zhigang first introduced the applying process for the laboratory , and said that the establishment of the laboratory is a new beginning of cooperation between the two sides. In recent years, the profound influence of teaching information technology on education and teaching has already appeared. There are challenges as well as opportunities. It is believed that the CCNU and the People’s Education Press can seize opportunities and meet challenges through complementary cooperation, and make the application of educational information more deeper, and make contributions to modern education.  


Wang Qiang, the director of the science and technology department of The Education Department of Hubei Province combined with actual survey situation and then suggested that “the omnibearing digital education and teaching service” should be regarded as one of the development goals in order to provide effective help for students’ autonomous learning. Zhu Jun, the basic education director of Wuhan Education Bureau hoped that the laboratory should follow the education rule and the talent growth rule,adhere to the education demand orientation, and make more applicant, practical, high-quality, and common digital curriculum resources in order to  promote the innovation of basic education reform.  


At the opening ceremony, the experts also discussed the research emphases and future development of the laboratory and agreed unanimously that the laboratory construction should be facing the teaching demand of basic education, and strengthen cooperation among the government, universities, enterprises and research institutions .

It is reported that the next few years, our school and PEP will rely on the laboratory to continue to carry forward the good tradition of cooperation, make further research on the publishing integration development of key technologies and industrial applications, and vigorously cultivatethe complex and innovative talents needed for the publishing integration development age to provide technical support, application demonstration and human resources,in order to realize the technical transformation and upgrade of traditional publishing enterprises;and it can form  series of replicable and scalable results in technology, standards, products, teaching base construction and other aspects,then gradually form a demonstration effect of the industry education publishing integration development of new formats,in order to realize the commercialization, industrialization and socialization of laboratory results.

In the morning of the opening ceremony, the research team of the National Engineering Research Center of E-learning which is the construction unit of the Key Laboratory for integrated development (Central China Normal University), and PEP relevant departments held a forum. The two sides held in-depth discussions on specific points of cooperation and forms of cooperation, had fully exchanged opinions on digital teaching resources, and tools construction, key technology research and development of digital resources and digital publishing and so on, and agree to launch the next round of topic research on E-book and its business application model and so on. Before the opening ceremony, Wang Zhigang, vice president of PEP and his team were accompanied by Luo Lihua, party secretary of the National Engineering Research Center of E-learning and the relevant responsible persons to visit the National Engineering Research Center of E-learning and the Exhibition Hall.  

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